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SOECA advocates for the development, empowerment of SOE communicators, within the sector as well as the promotion of professional interaction with the media fraternity. As in a number of professions and specialized functions within the public sector, this body was formed so that SOE communicators have a platform through which they can share best practice and advance a collective agenda. This body is dedicated towards advancing the cause of SOE’s as a strategic sector in both the economy and in the country in general, through communication.

SOECA’s Programmatic intervention

Annual SOE Communications Conference

This annual event will provide SOE communicators with practical educational sessions to help them increase their skills and network with each other.

SOE Communicators Awards

These awards, to be presented, in the second year after the inaugural SOE Communicators Conference, will honour those individuals who have brought forth their agencies’ messages with excellence and high standards of professionalism.

Quarterly Forums

The association shall hold four (4) forums per annum, with a standing one which shall take place immediately after the President’s State of the Nation Address (SoNA) in February of each year. Th is particular forum shall seek to unpack the SoNA and explore what implications it has for SOEs.

Mentorship Programme

The Association shall inaugurate a mentorship programme through it will match those who are just beginning in their careers with those who are experienced.

Commissioning of research

The Association will commission research in such areas as the number of SOE communicators, their qualifications, positions they hold, years of experience, salary levels, their communication budgets, and any other area(s) that can advance the work an understanding of SOE communicators.

SOECA Golf Day

The Association will seek to strengthen its presence amongst strategic stakeholders by holding annual golf day. Golf day will also constitute a key social responsibility of association, and it will be done under the theme: “playing for a boy child”.



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