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State Owned Entities Communicators Association


SOECA is an association of communicators from state owned entities across the three spheres of government. Its main purpose is to facilitate and improve the flow of information between SOEs and the public, share professional resources and expertise among SOE communicators and promote the communications profession within the sector.

The strategic role of State Owned Entities in South Africa came to the fore in May 2013 when the Presidency released the report of the Presidential Review Committee on SOEs. Established in May 2010, the Review Committee was a response to the need to beef up policy on SOEs and to strengthen their role in the economy in particular and in society in general. Critically, the Committee was meant to assess how SOEs can respond to a clearly defined public mandate and support the developmental state aspirations of the South African Government.

On the 9th November 2014, SOECA was formed and officially launched at DBSA,Midrand as a non-profit entity, by about 55 SOEs, namely, Prasa, Sanral, Land Bank,SAA, Eskom, Safcol just mention but a few. It was gigantic step in the SOEs fraternity.

The Association advocates for the development, empowerment of SOE communicators, within the sector as well as the promotion of professional interaction with the media fraternity. As in a number of professions and specialized functions within the public sector, this body was formed so that SOE communicators have a platform through which they can share best practice and advance a collective agenda. This body is dedicated towards advancing the cause of SOE's as a strategic sector in both the economy and in the country in general, through communication.

Our Aims

We stand for the development and empowerment of Communicators within state owned entities and the creation of professional networking body among themselves.

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Our Objectives

To pioneer and share best practices and professional standards in marketing and communications across SOEs and our industry partners.

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Our Membership

We are a voluntary membership association of all various communicators and marketing practitioners by and within the state owned entities.

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